12 October 2008

Marching bands

Athena and I went to the high school marching band competition yesterday in Hillsborough. In the group VI competition (in which S. Brunswick competed) there was the band from Hunterdon Central. They were quite good (all the bands were good) but the really cool thing was that the band front (color guard) were all wearing skirts made from neckties! Not something you expect to see in a marching band. They were quite cute. Rather than stitching the tries all long the sides of the ties, it looked as if they had simply attached them all to a waistband and let them overlap each other a bit. They were more like grass hula skirts (where the ties are the grass. The girls all wore dark tights underneath and skirts were really flippy.I really wish I'd had my camera.

S. Brunswick's band performed beautifully. They often take first place - I actually don't know how they placed yesterday because it got so cold and we were tired, so we left before the awards were presented. I'm sure Athena will hear the news in school tomorrow.

Marching bands have changed style a lot since I was in school. They used to be more military-like and now they're more into flash and performance. That's not a bad thing - it's really entertaining.

Yesterday's competition began at 2 PM and ended at 10 PM. That's a LONG day. We showed up at 2, not knowing that S. Brunswick was not on until last (saved the best for last!). So we stayed for about 2 hours, went home, then came back for the evening performances.

I'll post again when I find out how the scoring went.


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  1. OK - I just heard that South Brunswick placed second - we're all very proud!